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Our Products

We have powerful tools to drive every part of your early talent hiring.

From start to finish, Jobox offers every tool you need to hire the most qualified and diverse candidates time and time again!

For Employers

Early Talent Discovery Platform

Our flagship product allows employers to post jobs on our platform and for students to apply for those opportunities.

Employers can choose to post 3 different kinds of jobs through us, these include:

  • Gig Jobs/Once-Off Project Tasks
  • Part-Time
  • Graduate/Internship

Our platform allows employers to schedule interviews with prospective candidates as well as send offers to candidates they want to work with. Also, students can accept or reject the offers on the platform.

Click on the link below to get access to our early talent discovery platform: https://app.joinjobox.com/

Talent Database Search Platform

Our Talent Database Search platform allows employers to search through our database to find the talent that best fits their talent needs.

The platform has features that allow for basic filtering by basic information including university, year of study, degree, and marks.

Employers can also further hone in on their target audience using diversity, equity and inclusion information, skills, experience, candidate location preference, and more.

Click on the link below to get access to the talent database search platform:


Talent Insights Intelligence Report

Our Talent Insights Intelligence Report allows large organisations to gain deeper intelligence on company performance including reports on diversity, equity and inclusion and competitive benchmarking.

Click on the link below to get access to our talent insights intelligence report:


For Higher Education Institutions

Higher Education Institutions Career Portal

We’ve built a higher education institution career portal with career offices in mind, meaning you can use Jobox not only for job postings but also for career events and get data insights for their students.

You can view the portal by heading over to this link: https://heidemo.softr.app/

For Brands

Get access to over 20 00 students with our email newsletters

Advertise your brand through the Jobox email newsletters.

We have a highly engaged and unique audience comprised of students from across the country. There are over 23 000 subscribers in our database with a month on month rate of 62%. All of our subscribers are pursuing a higher education certificate making them high future earners.

We can build custom segments based on your desires and needs to reach a specific demographic within our user base. With over 23000 emails sent a month, there is no better way to reach students.

To learn more about our email marketing, please button below to download our media kit: